Ep. 4: Perspectives: Peggy Grande on President Reagan

Peggy Grande and President Ronald Reagan

This week on This American President we interview author, public speaker, and former executive assistant to President Ronald Reagan, Peggy Grande. Peggy recently wrote a book titled The President Will See You Now: My Stories and Lessons from Ronald Reagan’s Final Years. It’s a wonderful book about her time serving President and Mrs. Reagan and how she and her family became very close with them. To find out more, please visit peggygrande.com and order her book.

Peggy Grande and President Ronald Reagan

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  1. Does Peggy mention in her book about Reagan’s daughter Patti? Seems Peggy had great experience w the Reagans. But Patti, their daughter did not, I just wonder if Peggy acknowledges this in her book and how she views Patti. Did u read pattis book “the way I see it” ? It’s a whole other side.,
    I would have like to hear more about Reagan’s administration and your thoughts on him/his policies, etc.,

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