They were some of the most powerful men who’ve ever lived. They’ve waged war, forged peace, and altered the fates of billions of people. And yet they were just as human and as flawed as you and me. They were the presidents of the United States and are the subjects of the history podcast, This American President.

The power of the presidency is more than any one person can bear – and perhaps should bear – and yet Americans entrust that power to a single individual every four years. In each episode of This American President, we explore how flawed men have managed this awesome responsibility and sought to live up to ideals of the American experiment. And we examine what the lessons of history can teach us about our world today.

This American President is hosted by Richard Lim and produced by Michael Neal.

Richard Lim
Richard is a writer and history enthusiast who has served at the White House and George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate.

Michael Neal
Michael is a consultant and a freelance podcast producer.